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Take a look.  The idea is to use a forum to take the place of what AIML or ChatScript is used for, if you can imagine that.  Forum members teach the chatbot simply by making forum posts. The chatbot matches the subject line of the post to the user’s input.  Then the chatbot chooses a response from one of the messages posted to that forum thread.  So, please make as many replies to your own post as you like.  In other words, make a new post, and then reply several times, or as much as you like to your own post.

For Example:

New Forum Thread:

Subject   -> HELLO
Message 1 -> Hi there!
Message 2 -> Hello you.
Message 3 -> Greetings

Then later…

User says “Hello there” to Chatbot
Chatbot matches: Subject   -> HELLO
Chatbot chooses: Message 2 -> Hello you.


I temporarily turned off activation, so it is faster and easier to create an new account at  As soon as you create an account, you will have immediate access to the forum.  No need to authenticate by your email.  This is to save you time.

Activation will be turned on again after this alpha test, but you can keep your forum account. The point is, I want to make it easy for you to login to the forum to teach the chatbot.  Remember, the chatbot will use your subject line to match what other people say to it, and then use your posted forum messages, to pick a response to other people. 

You are teaching the chatbot what to say simply by using the forum.  Other forum members have already started teaching the chatbot, so you can see how it works from those examples.  As soon as you post to the forum, you can try to ask the chatbot something related to what you just posted to the forum.

Thank you for your support.  This is an experiment for me.  Please let me know what you think about using a forum to store a chatbot brain.



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