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Verify pattern with and without interjections

I sometimes have the situation that I don’t want interjections to be handled as such, but test the actual input instead.

For this case I have written a controlscript, which sets the cs token to a token without interjections and executes the script. When no output is generated, it sets a cs_token with interjections and makes a ^retry(SENTENCE).

This works fine, the only problem I get is loosing the functionality of :verify pattern, which only tests the current value of $cs_token and ignores that I am using two values in my control script.
I have written a test topic for this case:

topic: ~test []
#! you are right
u: (you are rightwithout interjection

#! ok
u: (~yesinterjection 

Do you know a way to get this working with :verify pattern ?



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Does noone have any idea how to do this?


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#! comments can include variable assignments. eg

#! ok $cs_token=12450003
u: (~yes)

The only difference is it does not go thru the script compiler, so you cant use mnemonic names and such. You have to actually put the value you want.


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Thank you very much Bruce.

It’s working like a charm.


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