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Linux ChatScriptpg Compile error


I have a some problem in installing Chatscriptpg in Linux(Ubuntu 14.04LTS)

I cloned ChatScript from github and I already installed postgres and curl

But when I do “make pgserver” in /ChatScript/SRC, error occured

Error text told me, error occured in compiling json.cpp, and there is no header file ‘curl/curl.h’

So i copied curl directory into /usr/include and /usr/local/include.

But then another problem happened.

Compiler said, “‘CURL’ was not declared in this scope” , “‘curl_infotype’ was not declared in this scope” .... and so on

I don’t know why this error occured, and I already tried editing ‘Makefile’ so put in DDISCARDJSON = 1, but it also didn’t well…

Is there someone who can help me?


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I was using ChatScript in Windows, and it did very very well.. but I need to execute in Ubuntu environment


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Why can’t you use the precompiled binary included in chatscript?


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I need ChatScriptpg…

So I must compile.


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Since normally LINUX systems compile when curl is properly installed, there must be something about YOUR install such that the path world to <curl/curl.h> isnt working.


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I solve this problem.

0. git clone curl from

1. copy curl directory to /usr/local/include

2. install libcurl4-openssl-dev and libpq-dev

I don’t know why this problem occured but i solve it by this process

Thanks for reply!


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the postgres build depends on those libraries to be already installed on your linux.

Finding what to install on Ubuntu:

‘apt find libpq-dev’

Installing it on Ubuntu:

‘apt-get install apt install libpq-dev’

Lather rinse repeat until it compiles.  This is expected behavior on linux, no surprises here.  It might be nice to have all the dependencies listed and checked in the makefile for newbies.  Since this is primarily developed on Windows by Bruce, the linux build doesn’t have stuff like autoconf or pig-config.  I build on linux occasionally, maybe I could look into adding some dependency checking and reporting up front into the makefile so it catches what you need and clearly reports it.


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