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forum web site - improvements

Dear administrators is an useful repo and I thank you in advance your work in maintenance of this web site!

Nevertheless I have some complaints:

1. the site have VERY slow response times (many seconds)
there is any plan to migrate to a more powerful servers ?

2. The HTML front end is ... a bit old-style :-D but in substance the problem is that the form in using now to submit a new post (or to submit a comment on an existing thread) is really really UGLY:

there is any plan to update ?

3. looking for something in old posts, there is no way to search with keyword :-(

4. Last but not least, I had troubles in past to register with mail/password. The only way have been to use login via linkedin, arghhh :_)



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Hi Giorgio:
I think this forum does the best that it can without financial backing or advertisements.


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Yep true. Respect to Erwin and the team.

First person to make some serious money needs to put some back in to this forum to bring it up to ramming speed.


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Many thanks Phil!!! And @giorgio: I take your comment very serious, much appreciated.

Between 2008 and 2011 I spend all my money on the development of the website and eventually I ended up with an enormous debt. Although my heart was with the site and the commity, I had to focus on rebuilding my life.

Interestingly enough, recently a few things happened that bring me back to the site.

1) I met a guy who made me enthusiastic for ‘Angular’, a Javascript framework. You’ll have to know I once was a very good programmer. After some experiments, I’ve decided to get back in the chatbot business and to recreate the website my self.

2) I also met a new person who can help with the current CMS and help me in the transition.

3). I’ve organized a meetup in Amsterdam last week and that was very successful. The next one is scheduled Jun 28, 2017

Hey, enough signal to bring me back to the table!!

Hopefully you have a bit patience left… We’ll be back!


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