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cannot memoriztion whole verb

i have some one question develop using chatscript

i trying to lol search chatbot just for fun.
but, if i’m try this code

t: do you like lol?
u:(~positive) so, can you tell me your id? $hasid=Yes
a: (_*) so, your id is _0? $idval=_0

t: ($hasid)so, did you write your id?
a: $idval this is right?
—source—- end
if i’m typing some word if ‘thpulse’
then it’s not display ‘thpulse’, change to ‘impulse’
i think ‘thpulse’ in ‘pulse’ that seems to have changed in this part
some other verb dict
so i want to receive het whole inputLine part

what can i do?!


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Hi κΉ€νƒœν˜•

I think you have to:

a: (_*)
  $idval = ^original(_0)
  so, your id is $idval ?



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I am very grateful to Giorgio Robino.
That’s exactly what i want. thank you very much : )


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