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Send multiple messages without user input

I’m using CS and my oobs are interacting with FB Messenger.

Do you know of a way to send multiple messages without getting user input? For instance, when the bot goes into a new conversation, it says ‘Hello’ then waits 2 seconds then says, “What’s up?”

Right now I have:

t: Hello.^gambit(~)

t: What’s up?

The bot responds > Hello. What’s up?

But I want it to look like:

>What’s up?



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Hi Kelly

if I well understood you want to
separate CS output lines
and send separated messages to Messenger.

A possible way:


tWhat’s up?\n 

1. Use a separator char ( “\n”) to catch CS outputs,
2. afterward split(’\n’) and send to Messenger separate texts.

About timing:
CS volleys are “syncronous”: each user message request to CS is replyied as soon as possible and connection closed.

So you have to manage any timing logic (e.g. sleep(2) every message sent back to user) in your middleware (your Messenger client)

FB Messenger Server <—- you MS-client + CS-client—-> CS Server




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Well I was also just wondering if there was a purely CS way to achieve that response.

Thanks smile


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