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Using Postgres as File Server not creating tables in Database

I was looking at esoteric CS manual and also topic Using Postgres as File Server.

Started CS with command:

./BINARIES/ChatScriptpg local pguser="hostaddr= port = 5432 user = postgres password = somepassword " 

Actually i managed to get correct stdout in CS console:

Postgres enabledFileSystem routed to hostaddr= port 5432 user postgres password somepassword 

But checking Postgres server showed me that no users db created and no tables created in postgres DB as well.

postgres=# \c users
FATAL:  database "users" does not exist
Previous connection kept
=# \dt
No relations found

Actually I’ve used Postgres bot, and with it connection was established with the same credentials - so they are correct. Also I installed all packages for postgres which you’ve mentioned in manual. And also changed in pg_hba.conf the local validation from peer to trust.
Could you please suggest what could be the reason?



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And this is really strange. When I was using provided Postgres bot, not only connection to PG from CS was established but I was also able to create and drop tables using it. I mean CS really can interact with Postgres. But for some reason it is not writing any data about users to database, when I try to use it as a file server. I already checked everything - using with and without password users in credentials for PG, but still don’t have creating database *users* in postgres when i run CS binary with parameter pguser=“hostaddr= port = 5432 user = postgres password = somepassword “, but I mentioned that it keep writing user’s state in CS inside topic_useranme_botname.txt file inside USERS folder.
Could please anybody, who already succeeded with using CS with PG as a fileserver help me? How can I actually check in Postgres that CS is writing data inside database? Maybe I was doing it wrong before checking *\c users* inside PG console and it should be done somehow else? Will be very grateful for any help. Thanks.


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