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New (and confused) ChatScript user

Hello everyone,
I’m just trying to do my first steps with CS, and really stuck with some basic questions for which I can’t find any answers here (went back to 2010 posts) or in the documentation.
Hope you can help me with my first steps. Here are some questions to begin with:

1. Do I have any legal limitations to use CS for internal corporate usage?
2. Is CS “production ready”?
3. I would like to build a chatbot based on CS for QandA and don’t want to send any data to external services, is it the right choice?
4. Is “Harry” hard coded? If I remove all reference to HARRY folder in RAWDATA and remove filesHarry.txt, it is still loaded as the default bot.
5. Is there an option to load with different bot?
6. There are two different explanations (or at least I understand them differently) for how to best structure the directories in order to be able to update CS in the future. One in Installing-and-Updating-ChatScript.pdf the other is at the end of the ChatScript-Advanced-User-Manual.pdf. Both options do not work for me :( Can someone help with that? (I get “No such bot”). Probably missing some very simple point.

I have so many questions, but I’ll stop for now smile
Thanks in advance.



  [ # 1 ]

1. no
2. yes
3. yes
4. no, it is just the currently compiled set of files in TOPIC folder
5. A server launches with the contents of TOPIC folder. Which can contain multiple bots compiled together. Bots can share facts and topics or be completely independent. For complete independence, there is a limit of 64 bots at once.
6. Best way is to make a folder of your sources and have CS as a subfolder of that folder. Then CS can find your filesxxx.txt file “above it”


  [ # 2 ]

Hi Bruce,
Thanks for your reply and for creating ChatScript! smile

I think my mistake was to delete the RAWDATA from the ChatScript folder because I assumed I will not need anything from there for the basic functionality.

I’m still a bit confused about what is the minimal required setup for the bot to work.
Will keep reading the documentation and will come back with more questions.

Thanks again


  [ # 3 ]

Rawdata is not requred for a deployed server. only to :bulid 0   and to build preexisting bots (not yours).

For deployment:
TMP (not absolutely)
USERS (not absolutely)
SRC (just dictionarySystem.h)
LOGS (not absolutely)
TOPIC (where compiled data from rawdata and your bot exist)


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