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Virtual people, our next synonym

We’re on steam! We’ve produced another synonym page. Here it is:

virtual people Good work again by Karolina:

cool stuff in this page:
-Meet Emily by Image Metrics
-Examples of Virtual People created by Gravity Design Studios.
-holographic projection of virtual people.

What I personally always like on these pages is the background of terms, ‘virtual’ and ‘people’ in this case.

At last, we’d like to welcome Peter Plantec, author of the book ‘virtual humans’  to!! This synonym page links to his profile.



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Peter Plantec’s book is what really made me desire to apply my first order logic studies. The book he wrote was the most impressive work I’ve ever seen on the subject of virtual Human beings.

There are several technology and math points that are now much more advanced than “at the time” he wrote this book, but I dare say the science itself could not have advancd better without Peter’s book.

Perhaps I should read other books to know.

Vernor Vinge pops in my mind as a similar source of inspiration.
Thank you for writting it Peter.



  [ # 2 ]

@Raymond: As you might know, we’re currently working on a research area with a library. Peters book will definitely be there, but also many others. We’ll also have a rating mechanism (people who rated this book, also rated this book. Or: people contributing to this forum, like book xxxx).

I’ll forward the compliments to Peter!


  [ # 3 ]

Thank you Both…especially you Raymond.  I was frustrated at the state of technology when I wrote the book.  Now things are really moving along.  Even then we could incorporate all sorts of nonverbal communication to express both personality and meaning.


  [ # 4 ]

Hi Peter!

It is just great to hear from you again!  It has been a few years since you mailed me a CD of Sophie, along with a non disclosure agreement.  You know, I have my first IBM Thinkpad in storage which may actually still have Sophie installed to this day!





  [ # 5 ]

@Peter: What about a new book?


  [ # 6 ]

@Peter: And I too have to thank you. In AIMLpad I’ve included more ideas taken from your book, like the character bible. Hopefully the personality traits and back story will someday automatically augment the bot authoring process. I must say your book has been a real motivation to my little tool. While I’ve referred to it often, I still don’t think I’ve done it justice in making the dream come true.  It’s the human part of a virtual human, not the synthespian, that I’m challenged by now. I guess capturing the essence of our desires and imagination will be that brass ring. Thanks again!


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