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Storing variables in configuration file


In my CS topic files, i am calling many external services, the url of each service is different, i want to store them using variables in an external file and use them. How can I do that ?

$$url = ^”\“http://localhost:8090/olap/hierarchy/$client_id/\”“

I want to store the above url in external configuration file? How can i do it?


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for small numbers you can store it in cs_init.txt as a variable. the file is one per line.  eg


for large numbers you can store in tab delimited file and use ^JSONREADCSV

and for huge numbers you can read dynamically from a PostGres or Mongo database.


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Thanks Bruce for the reply. May I know what is the location of cs_init.txt config file?


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top level chatscript folder, you have to create this file yourself


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