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Best way to add own interjections


is there a better way to add interjections than adding them to the interjections.txt and :build 0 ?

I would like to do it without touching livadata and just changing my own topic source files.

Thanks in advance,


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In any script file of yours use replace:

replace:  whoops ~emosurprise
replace: I_do_not_think_so hardly+right

and in cs_token bot definition enable | #DO_PRIVATE


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What if I want to have the input


as the interjection ~emomisunderstand?

replace: ( < hm >) ~emomisunderstand 

Is not doing what I want it to.


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replace: <hm_?> ~emomisunderstand

There are no parens in the replace command and the item must be a single token

should work, if your cs_token has #DO_PRIVATE as part of it.


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