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Hello, everyone!
I’m new with ChatScript and I’m struggling right now with auto messages.
Didn’t find any documentation about it.
I need help with:
1) Sending multiple messages without user input. There is may be over 30
2) Can some trigger pause that auto messages and after a while or some “event” triggers it to continue where from where it paused?
About first thing, i have found some command like ‘\n’ but it doesn’t help because it just separates the message and I need to send multiple of them. Also tried something with ^loop but it didn’t end well.
Can someone help me, please?


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You are looking for out-of-band messages, with standard support for callback, loopback, and alarm. either advanced manual or external communications manual


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thank you, I might be not that attentive while reading that thread. Will keep this thread updated.


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Hey Bruce,
What is the difference between callback and loopback?



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callback applies only to the next input of the user and cancels if the user starts typing in time
loopback a callback running indefinitely into the futrue. A user typing in time ends the current callback effect but after the bot response a new callback is in effect.


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