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Refresh of %fulltime and time functions

Hi, I do a few calculations based on the time variables in chatscript.

When does %fulltime, % date etc. get refreshed?
Are they refreshed before every assignemt, macro usage or refreshed when used?
Is it theoretically possible that they can change from one line to another?

To make it more clear, can it happen if I am very unlucky during midnight, even if unlikely?

$$_timeNow = %fulltime
$$_dayToday = % date

= ^timeinfofromseconds ( $$_timeNow)
$_dayToday2 _3

if($$_dayToday2 != $$_dayToday)
# can this happen?

PS: I had to add a space between “%” and “date”, otherwise it got printed wrong


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they are dynamically calculated at the point of reference. Yes they could change if you are unlucky. To protect against that you want to call %timenumbers to get everything at once


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