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Rule matching “as if”

Hi, I can’t figure out why

#! as if
u: (as if) 

isn’t working.

Can anyone help me?


  [ # 1 ]

Bug in CS.  “as if” exists in the dictionary as a single word conjunction.  When compiling your script, cs notices the two words can be treated as one, so the compiled script is looking for as_if.  but the code that considers sequences of words (in :prepare the area that says “sequences”, sees it and discards it because it is not a primary part of speech (noun,verb, adjective, adverb). So it doesnt mark the sequence.  Fixed for next release.


  [ # 2 ]

you can patch temporarily by removing that entry from DICT/ENGLISH/a.txt and delete dict.bin and fact.bin .


  [ # 3 ]

The same issue seems to be with the phrase “a bit”


  [ # 4 ]

then the same fix will apply


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