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My name is Ian, and I come from Croatia.
I am a software developer.
I work on page and in free time I work on other projects

I’m here to get more info about chatbots.
Best regards,


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Hello, Ian, and welcome to smile

I haven’t yet taken a look at the links you’ve provided, but I will do so shortly (unpacking my things in my new home).

With regard to “more info”, was there anything in particular that you’re looking for? If so, please feel free to start a new thread to ask your questions. We’ll be more than happy to answer what we can. In the meantime, please also feel free to fill us in on your background in the field. Things like education, fields of study and past projects (again, I promise to look at your links soon) will go a long way toward both letting us get to know you better, as well as helping us to better answer any future questions you might have.


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Hey Dave,
So, I am a student of Faculty of Organization and Informatics. (FOI). Currently, have univ. bacc. inf. degree, and going on the master.
I did everything until now.. games (prototype of Curve Fever game is my best work), systems (chat system, document sharing over sockets, cryptographic conversations, etc. ), and much more.

Best wishes,


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