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Hi there

Hi everyone I’m Tawanda, from Zimbabwe. I’m interested in AGI and chatbots in particular. First time posting here. Hoping to exchange ideas on chatbots AGI and Future of AI.




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Hello, Tawanda, and welcome to smile

Please feel free to look around here, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.


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Hello Tawanda i am also new smile its always difficult to meet i have been trying to create
could i ask if you understand because i do not understand


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I am lost again


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Very nice to meet you, Paul.

I was new once, back when this website, was new.

Tomorrow is my 8th anniversary here.

Help me understand what it is you
are trying to create?

What would you like to understand?

If I may, I suggest you meet Don Patrick.

Don is good, and he is talented.


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Hello Tawanda,
I’m also interested in AGI and chatbots. I tried to develop my own chatbot.
hope oneday we can share our idea.


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