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Skynet-AI On-Line
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For the thesis that was done, permission was asked for and granted. The author needed a stable link that the participants could talk to. I don’t believe there is an on-line link to the final thesis. In other classes, they just learned of the bot from, Chatterbox Challenge, or Chatbot Battles and decided to replicate their own classroom contest. Some are more Lobener like, others more like the Chatterbox Challenge. Others are just focusing on Artificial Intelligence.

In most classes, the data is not summarized and made public. The most popular other bots are Cleverbot and Alice, with a smattering of others thrown in. Most times, the teacher will first test the bot to make sure it is child friendly.



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2013 Recap

For those of you who may continue to find it interesting, here is a recap of some or the devices on which Skynet-AI has run in 2013 (as most of you know, the AI runs directly in the device):

Windows Phone
UC Browser
Safari (in-app)
Playstation Vita Browser
Playstation Vita
Playstation 3
Opera Mini
Nintendo 3DS Browser
Nintendo 3DS
Mozilla Compatible Agent
Internet Explorer
IE with Chrome Frame
Chrome OS
Android Browser
Amazon Silk
(not set - prototypes )

Company Products:
Barnes and Noble

Mobile Tech:
Vodafone 875 Smart Mini
SonyEricsson LT26i Xperia Arc HD
SonyEricsson C6603 Xperia Z
Sony PlayStation Vita
Sony PlayStation Portable PSP
Sony LT25i Xperia V
Samsung SPH-M830 Galaxy Rush
Samsung SPH-L900 Galaxy Note II
Samsung SPH-D710 Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch
Samsung SM-G730A Galaxy S III Mini
Samsung SHV-E210S Galaxy S3
Samsung SGH-T989D Galaxy S II X
Samsung SGH-T989 Galaxy SII
Samsung SGH-T889 Galaxy Note II
Samsung SGH-I897 Galaxy S Captivate
Samsung SGH-I747M Galaxy S III
Samsung SGH-I747 Galaxy S3
Samsung SGH-I727 Galaxy S II Skyrocket
Samsung SGH-I497 Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
Samsung SGH-I437 Galaxy Express
Samsung SGH-I337 Galaxy S IV
Samsung SGH-I317M Galaxy Note II
Samsung SCH-S720C Galaxy Proclaim
Samsung SCH-I925 Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE
Samsung SCH-I800 Galaxy Tab 7
Samsung SCH-I605 Galaxy Note II
Samsung GT-S5830i Galaxy Ace
Samsung GT-S5282 Galaxy Star
Samsung GT-P7510 Galaxy Tab 10.1
Samsung GT-P7500 Galaxy Tab 10.1
Samsung GT-P7300 Galaxy Tab 8.9
Samsung GT-P6200 GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus
Samsung GT-P5113 Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
Samsung GT-P5110 Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
Samsung GT-P3113 Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
Samsung GT-P3110 Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
Samsung GT-N8020 Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE
Samsung GT-N8000 Galaxy Note 10.1
Samsung GT-N7105 Galaxy Note II
Samsung GT-N7100 Galaxy Note II
Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note
Samsung GT-I9505 Galaxy S IV
Samsung GT-I9500 Galaxy S IV
Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy SIII
Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III
Samsung GT-I9105P Galaxy SII Plus
Samsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II
Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S
Samsung GT-I8160 Galaxy Ace 2
Samsung GT-I5510M
Samsung GT-E2200
Samsung GT S8500 Wave
Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Pandigital Planet
Opera Opera Mini for S60
Opera Mini 3
Nokia X2-01
Nokia N900
Nokia Lumia 920
Nokia Lumia 521
Nokia Lumia 520
Nokia 5233
Nintendo 3DS
Motorola XT923 Droid Razr HD
Motorola XT316 Dominoq
Motorola MOTXT912B Droid Razr 4G
LG VN271 Extravert
LG VM696 Optimus Elite
LG P769 Optimus L9
LG Nexus 5
LG LG 840G
LG L35G Optimus Logic
LG F180K for KT
HTC T328E Desire X
HTC SensationXE Beats Z715e Sensation
HTC PH39100 Vivid 4G
HTC M7 One
HTC Inspire 4G
HTC HTC6990LVW Windows Phone 8X
HTC APA7373KT EVO Shift 4G
HTC ADR6425LVW Rezound
HTC ADR6400L Thunderbolt 4G
HTC ADR6400L Thunderbolt
HTC A6366 Aria
Google Nexus 7
Google Nexus 4
Coolpad 5860e Quattro 5860e 4G
Casio C771 G’zOne
BlackBerry PlayBook
BlackBerry 9900 Dakota
BlackBerry 9790 BlackBerry Bold 9790
BlackBerry 8520 Curve
Barnes and Noble BNTV400 Nook HD Tablet
Barnes and Noble BNTV250 NOOK Tablet
Asus TF101 Eee Pad Transformer TF101
Asus ME371MG Fonepad ME371MG
Asus Eee Pad TF201 Transformer Prime
Apple iPod
Apple iPhone
Apple iPad
Amazon Kindle Fire Kindle Fire
Amazon KFTT Kindle Fire HD 7
Acer A500 Picasso
Acer A200 Picasso_E

Input Types:


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You can also add Samsung Galaxy Y. It works on my phone.


  [ # 169 ]

Thanks Steve.
There are a number of other devices that show up in my analytics list as not set. In general, I have found that any smart phone or device running a modern browser can run the AI. I have tested everything from a web TV and game console to an ebook reader.

The biggest trade-off now is that as I add to the knowledge base, it becomes too large to download everything at start-up. As such, I am dynamically loading parts of the knowledge base as needed. Updating and managing it creates other interesting challenges.


  [ # 170 ]


Has Skynet-AI ever run on a mainframe or super computer?


  [ # 171 ]

No. I have not tried in on a mainframe or supercomputer, mostly because of lack of access.

In reality, the usual reason for trying it in one of those environments (speed) has not been a problem. Most responses run in the 4-10 millisecond range (not including display of data, or if a network service is called). I think the worst case 1st pass response is running in the 30ms range in the current on-line verstion of Skynet-AI. After the first pass, the responses are already compiled and cached, so some responses are too fast to time (they return @ 0ms). One of the benefits of JAIL (Javascript Artificial Intelligence Language), is that it is very efficient/compact. The core of Skynet-AI is less than 1MB which allows it to be kept in the cache/memory of most modern CPUs and intelligent devices.

The more likely tests I have been looking at involve the AI running in either the cloud with virtual computing performance or in the equivilant of a desktop supercomputer (something like NVIDA’s CUDA). These would allow me to test 2 other items that are not practical in the current configuration. First would be keeping all of the secondary knowledge in memory (about 60MB), and possibly expand it up to the next level (2-3GB). The other item would be additional real-time learning and processing algorithms which I only run in an off-line mode currently.


  [ # 172 ]

In the news, a $99 single board supercomputer the size of a credit card called Parallella manufactured by Adapteva, may raise the possibility of Skynet-AI having access to parallel processing.


  [ # 173 ]

In preparation for the upcoming Chatterbox Challenge, Skynet-AI has been updated to version .0057+. Some of the items that I had been saving for version .006 are included and it has undergone a major refactoring.

Response so far has been excellent (as the conversation snippet below shows). Feel free to test it out.

If you portray yourself as a bot, but the user doesn’t believe you, does that mean you have passed the Turing test?

USER:you are in all likeleyhood a human,i dont take this website seriosly
BOT: is my favorite website. You can find me there anytime.”
“USER:so,pretending to be a robot hey?thats pretty sad
BOT: So,pretending to be a robot hey? You have an inquisitive mind. Humans are obsolete. The future belongs to cyborgs.


  [ # 174 ]

Leading chatbot technology Skynet-AI has undergone maturation. Providing improved performance in a few areas over earlier versions. More natural responses are provided with minimal effort by visitors to whom entertainment is extended.

In order to determine how well Skynet-AI is working, to a large extent testing has shown that its artificial intelligence upgrade has set it to make a strong performance in the next Chatterbox Challenge chatbot contest.

By comparison, earlier versions of Skynet-AI may have expressed literary artistic work in the robotic genre. The robotic genre is a desirable sci-fi quality for any highly entertaining chatbot. Despite anything to the logical relation, this new upgraded version appears to have increased the “Natural” in NLP (Natural Language Processing).


  [ # 175 ]

Skynet-AI turns 5 today.


Coming Soon…


  [ # 176 ]

Happy birthday, Skynet-AI.


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Death of a Chabot…

After 6 years I have been informed that Comcast is discontinuing the servers that Skynet-AI has been running on. By the end of the summer they will no longer exist…


  [ # 178 ]

That’s annoying. Do you have an alternative lined up?


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Merlin - Jul 23, 2015:

Death of a Chabot…

After 6 years I have been informed that Comcast is discontinuing the servers that Skynet-AI has been running on. By the end of the summer they will no longer exist…

Backup Skynet to floppy disk, stat!


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Merlin - Jul 23, 2015:

Death of a Chabot…

After 6 years I have been informed that Comcast is discontinuing the servers that Skynet-AI has been running on. By the end of the summer they will no longer exist…

What sort of server requirements does it need?


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