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Charlie bot…

I use charliebot to host my Alice server using fedora linux and with some knowledge of apache and port forwarding mixed with fire wall know how you can set up a website easy as pie. Just remember to open up port 2001 for charlie. I am hosting from my computer at home. Charlie bot is fairly straight forward but there is a learning curve. I believe he is based on Program D. I hope that helps. To run charlie type sh and the script will load the xml java sql and aiml files automatically. I love it and have dedicated much of my time to it.

Program O is worlds simpler if you know how to use MySql but I do believe charlie bot is the better of the two. The file you need to get running are index.html which you write yourself and chat.html found inside templates. Bye


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Hi, Nick, and welcome to smile

The thread you posted in seemed a bit old (2013) to be bringing back from the dead, so I took the liberty of putting your post in its own thread. wink

By the way, I’m Dave, and in addition to being an admin here on these forums, I’m also lead developer of Program O, so I have an interest in your comparisons here. However, I can’t help but notice that you didn’t provide any details on how to obtain Charlie Bot, so at present it’s not possible to make my own comparisons. Can you help me out with that? Thanks.


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Thank you! I have run Program O and like it very much it is just I am trying to test Charliebot to see what the older software actually can handle. I will be working with Program O as well at some point. You should be very proud. Program O is an amazing chat bot hosting platform. Thank you for putting my post in its own slot. Right now my biggest problem with Charlie bot is that I have it configured to expand. Right now it is at 1.5 gigs of space and will fill my entire system in about a year at the current rate.

My next short term goal is to get Alice to chat to herself when I am not around. Alas my HTML skills are rather limited.

- Nick


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