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Le French corner

this thread is intended more particularly for French-speaking ChatScript users.

An early translation of the documents contained in the official documentation is available in the Github repository of Utopia-frenchtech.

I am not sure on rights that I can propose for this documentation, the original sources being marked “copyright” Bruce Wilcox, I have not yet specified the rights of the French versions ...

Bonne lecture aux utilisateurs Francophones !

N’hésitez pas à participer…

ce fil de discussion est plus particulièrement destiné aux utilisateurs de ChatScript francophones.

Vous trouverez une première traduction des documents contenus dans la documentation officielle sur le github d’Utopia-frenchtech :


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You can probably say copyright Mathieu Rigard 2017, based on translations of ChatScript documents by Bruce Wilcox, with his permission.


  [ # 2 ]

Thanks Bruce, I was hoping you would say something like this.
I was just wondering what would happen if I put copyleft Mathieu Rigard and someone made an English translation ...


  [ # 3 ]

I have no idea. Offhand someone would be wasting their time, I imagine.


  [ # 4 ]

Copyrights expert here, just chipping in. The original copyrights apply as long as the end result is clearly based on the original. A French translation carries Bruce’s copyright, but not the translator’s copyright because a translation is not considered an original work that can be copyrighted separately. A translation of a translation would also still carry Bruce’s copyright. Even if someone were to put “copyleft” on a translation, that would simply be invalid.
A correct disclaimer would be “Copyight Bruce Wilcox, translation by Mathieu Rigard”.


  [ # 5 ]

I got it. Thank you Don.

For once logical things can apply ...

Now: room for exchanges about the translations themselves.

All additions and comments are welcome here and on github.


Tout ajout et commentaire sont les bienvenus ici et sur github.

Bonne lecture !


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Hello ,

I’m a french guy who wants to use ChatScript in french. I tried to put de language paremeter to french -> It doesn’t work for me. So I tried in german with the same result. I work on linux Debian, I reached to run Harry bot in english.

Maybe I probably forgot to do something ?

I launch ChatScript with this comamnd line (for french ou german):
./BINARIES/LinuxChatScript64 local -language=french

My bot answers me “TEST:  Line gambit”. What does it mean ? I don’t understand.



  [ # 7 ]

Hello,some news on the French Corner:

Wednesday, March 14,
Come to create your first ChatBot in CharScript at the library Firmin Garnier of Saint Amour (Jura - France).
Book your tickets at bibliotheque-stamour chez

At the end of this animation, a French bot: Firmin (a friend of Harry), should be created.

More info on this robotic week at

Have a good week!


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