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New concept

I have a problem about creating my own concept containing just a few words. I created it in my file but the engine sends me an error after the build.
Help me better understand how it works


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please illustrate your concept definition


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I just managed to do this by declaring the concept before the topic in the same file. My problem will be if I want to use the same concept in another file, will it work?

concept: ~avoirpronom (“avez-vous” “as-tu” “vous avez” “tu as”)

topic: ~personalinformation keep repeat (âge habit)
# Quel âge avez-vous
u: ([quel votre vous] * âge {~avoirpronom} >) 42 ans


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All concepts, outputmacros, topics,  compiled under a bot are available from every file of that bot. So yes.


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So what was the error the engine gave you?


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Thank you for your reply
this is the error :
  line 6 of
FILE-1 Unknown top-level declaration u: in RAWDATA/PATIENT/

I had created the concept after the line of the declaration of the topic in the file. When I put the concept before writing the subject line in the file: it worked.

Also, I saw ontology that there are a number of concepts in French already created. I tried to use one by invoking it in my file but the engine does not perform the matching


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Yes, a topic is a contiguous collection of rules and your concept needs to be declared outside it.

And the french ontologies are NOT compiled in harry, by default the english ones are. You have to change language (eg in cs_init.txt put language=French ), restart the engine, then do :build 0   and thereafter you have french concepts


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OK, Thank you.
is cs_init.txt the bot file like fileHarry.txt?


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NO.  You can run the chatscript.exe program using command line parameters. like
ChatScript port=1024
is how to launch a windows server.  But any command line parameters can instead be put in the cs_init.txt file at top level.



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I’m using Linux and a python client. Do I make the change in the file LocalServer.bat or LocalClient.bat in the SERVER BATCH FILES folder? Or while I launch the command ./LinuxChatScript64 client=localhost:1024


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The point of cs_init.txt is that it is a text file at top level of chatscript folder that can perform all the command line parameters you want (be it in windows or in linux).

By default linux is a localserver merely by executing chatscript engine.
the client== command is for creating a test client to talk to your server and is not a “local” standalone run of the engine. For linux that would be
./LinuxChatScript64 local


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I fully understand how to run the chatscript as a server and locally. But my concern is always the location of the file in which I have to put the language in French. So I need everything to turn in French seen so far I have trouble making the differences between the conjugation derivatives on the verbs to be and have in French.

Thanks in advance


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