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Can’t use some words in concept

I’m working to Addventa, a French AI company specialized in Natural Language Generation and chatbots. We are using ChatScript for a while now and contributed in the French language support in ChatScript’s code. I work with @Ludan.

However, if I’m writing here, it’s because we found a weird behavoir in one bot with concept definition.
As you can see in attached file, we are declaring one concept, with two words.
If we type the word “ordinateur” or the word “affirmatif”, the bot says : Okay!
If not, the bot will say nothing and give you the hand again.

In version 7.73, this is not the behavior we got at the end. Only the word “ordinateur” matches here, and not the other word “affirmatif”.

In version 7.3, this behavior is not reproductible with this sample code. Both words permit to say Okay! from the bot.

It seems that we got a regression in concept definition here. Can we investigate this further with you?
(It seems that I can’t attach file :

The file could not be written to disk

. You can download my sample code to reproduce this at the following address :


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