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Conjunction of two rules from two different topics

Is there a way to handle the conjunction between two rules that are in two different topics (separate files):

in the file
topic: ~personnal_information (âge)
u: (<< [vous tu] [quel combien] âge >>) 25 ans

int the file
topic: ~douleur (mal)
u: (<< [où quand] [avez as] mal >>) j’ai mal partout

I have to get for:
vous avez quel âge—-> 25 ans
où avez vous mal?—-> j’ai mal partout.
All this works and now i want to get for “vous avez quel âge et où avez vous mal”  as answer “25 ans et j’ai mal partout” by using seperate file for the topics. Is it possible? or I have to put them in the same file?
Which would not arrange the architecture I’m planning for my chatbot. Or is there a way to send the question to chatscript specifying the topic in which it will look for the answer without considering the keywords?

Thanks you to enlighten me


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it would be tricky.  You could have your control script get an answer from one. Then FAIL, and force the system to get an answer from somewhere else if it can. Seems like more trouble than its worth


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thank you for the answer. I conclude that it would not be interesting to choose this option? Otherwise I thought of an external parser (a script to write of course) to detect the conjunction in the question and send them separately. But I wonder if it will not be expensive in execution time for a real-time conversation system


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It would not be expensive.  Much of the cost of a volley is the preparation of the sentence, which is unchanged. Of course if your system contained multiple tens of thousands of rules all of which had to be tested, it would mount up. But even then the system is fast and one can tune ones rules so that not so many get executed. Rose has 12 thousand rules, but isnt slow


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