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Minimum ChatScript engine files for remote local use

Hello, having created a successful speech-powered chatbot GUI using ChatScript, I am wondering about the possibilities of running such bots remotely as plug and play apps.

My key questions are:

ChatScript Engine - If you wanted to pare down to the minimum, to run a bot with a file and a few local topics files, what other files would you need to have installed in order to run it at a bare minimum?

My guess?
Some of the BINARIES
Possibly the SERVERBATCH files
and TOPIC build 0?

Would it be different if aimed at PCs, OSx, iOS or Android?

Help in fine tuning would be great. The end idea would be to create a downloadable program with a bot, a GUI and a ChatScript compiler ready to run from a single file.


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1. strip engine down by enabling #define DISABLExxx at top of common.h
2. you need some binary— LINUX or Windows,  and some dll or linux library depending of what you keep of abilities
3. LIVEDATA but not for every language
4. TOPIC (build 0 and build1 but not map files)
5. DICT/ENGLISH dict.bin fact.bin —size can be reduced switching over to the BASIC dict instead of full dict for phones.

That above is true regardless of where you deploy it.


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Thank you! Exactly what I needed to know to get started.


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