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CS GIT repository moves… 8.1 released

CS has moved to  (i lost codes to access the old project).

Version 8.1 with release version of ChatScript debugger now released.

1st 2 manuals in new documentation series: Practicum for practical decision using CS features.


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Hi Bruce,
The new manuals are really helpful. Looking forward for more.

The debugger is still a challenge. Crashing once in a while, or just becoming unresponsive.


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Just bumping this because I noticed a lot of activity still on the old project.

I believe the actual URL is:



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Todd Kuebler - May 13, 2018:

Just bumping this because I noticed a lot of activity still on the old project.

I believe the actual URL is:


Just checked and it looks that ChatScriptNLP redirects to ChatScript.
Bruce probably found the old password…



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Hi, can we please have a proper discussion about what to do about this new project and the old one? I think this is a very dangerous move, regenerating from a point without maintaining history, and it causes lots of issues.

Even if the new account/repo was generated, it shouldn’t be downloaded and then remade as a new commit, it should be forked.

Also should be an organisation, not a user; this would prevent everyone losing access again, and I feel that perhaps more people should have contributor/admin access to the project.

Is there really no way that you can get access back into your GitHub project?


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If forgot your password doesn’t work, perhaps we could contact GitHub and get access that way?

I’ve written some things here: - most of those comments were as I was trying to biopsy what had happened and why, and I hadn’t realised the reason was because of losing access to the old project.

My suggestion would be to move the user of to being something else, although there’s also chatscriptnlp which is causing even more confusion. Then make an organisation of and fork* the bwilcox-1234 repo into

* However a full transfer would be 100% better imo


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I sympathize with you Bruce blank stare

Personally I use Kepassx now to record each of my new passwords.

By placing the database’s encrypted folder on a cloud, you access it from any platform.

A password to find them all!




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