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Using trigger to reply to a question

I am working on RS and Perl. In a situation where I can have any question from where I need to extract words which will form a part of trigger. Based on this trigger I need to get an answer and post a reply to user. Is it possible to use trigger to search and reply


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Got how it will work . We cn close this topic


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Rahul, would you be willing to share what you did/found to get this to work, so others in the future with the same question might benefit? It’s not required, of course, but it could help others, so unless the fix is somehow proprietary, sharing it would be a good thing. cheese Thanks.


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Sure Dave,

It is pretty simple and I was kind of overlooking what was already there in tutorial.  We should be looking to <star> tag in RS which is particularly input that comes. Now this input is completely dependent on how statement is being parsed (depends completely on programmer). Now that keyword is being captured in <star> tag and pass as an argument to subroutine and then object has to be defined. This code is related to perl (other languages too would have similar stuff)
Code sample
+ *
- <call>getanswer <star></call>
> object getanswer perl
  {do your stuff}
< object


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