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New on Chatbots

Hello all. I am new to the site.

I’ve been interested in AI and bots for the last ten years or so, as a hobby. I used MS Agent, Verbot 5 an AIML before, but since Verbot’s demise, I mostly just checked advances in AI in the news and on Youtube now and then. I probably still have some AIML/AIML2 files that I spent weeks on somewhere.

I was quite amazed to see how powerful ChatScript is, which reignited my chatbot interest. I downloaded, installed and have been reading some of the manuals. I realized it is a steep learning curve…. but with so many more possibilities (unlimited IMHO), than was available in such software before.

While I was on my discovery “high”, I grabbed and updated the first data file I found - RAWDATA\WORLDDATA\animals.tbl - although I am no animal expert - a bit more now, than before… smile, I used some apparently knowledgeable websites and an animal wiki (the sites are remarked in the file) to update it. I wouldn’t want to contravene any site or forum rules, so please let me know if I may post a google drive link or upload it directly to the forum.

Keep those neurons firing wink


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I saw on that Giorgio Robino encourages contributions to ChatScript open source codebase :

So, here is my updated animals.tbl file smile Animal homes were not updated. Please inform any mistakes or suggestions.

Also, if anyone has any ideas how to change/add specific groupings that will work better, please let me know and I will update it e.g.
group dog [pack_(wild) kennel mute litter_(young) cowerddice_(curs) comedy_(boxers) cry_(hounds)]

where only a group of wild dogs is called a pack of dogs
Some of the groupings are only applicable to tame or wild animals, others only to animals flying or grouped on the ground at rest and yet another for a group running. Other groupings are only applicable to one of the genders like with group cheetah coalition_(male)

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