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can a keyword have more than 2 words?

Hi all,

I’d like to ask. If i typed the code out

e.g. ! sub hello world = hey

+ hey
-  Yelloww

I can’t seem to sub the word. It seems like you can’t have more than 1 word or any special characters for the words that are infront of the ! sub. Can someone help clarify if I really can’t do this? or am i doing something wrong?

Max :D


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Yeah this should be supported. Here’s an example in the JavaScript version:

To see what’s happening under the hood, you can enable debug mode and watch what happens to your message as the bot searches for a reply. (Should say things like `Try to match “hello world” to “<trigger>”`) which can tell you if the substitution was working or not.

What programming language/version of RiveScript are you using?


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Hi noah!

I’m currently using version 2.0 of rivescript


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