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keeping and editing a list


I am building a bot that keeps users shopping lists.  Currently it is easy to have users create and add items to a list.  I have hit a roadblock when users wish to delete a single item from their shopping list as opposed to deleting the whole thing and starting over.

Has anyone experimented with anything similar?

Thanks for any help!



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Hi, Peter, and welcome to smile

the solution to your problem depends on several things, such as how you’re storing the shopping list, and whether you’re storing them on a per-item or per-list basis. It would also be helpful to know what language your bot is written in, but that’s not absolutely necessary to know. If you would care to share some information about this issue, such as goals and intent, how you’re implementing it now, and such, we may be able to help you come up with something that you can use. Thanks. smile


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