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Carriage return on output

Dear friends,

I am working on a prototype and using Chatscript on Ubuntu 16.04. Currently, I am using ./LinuxChatScript64 local to run the prototype. However, I am not capable of print multiple lines because \n is not recognized. Can you help me?


Bottled watersoft drinks and snacks at the end of the activity  \n
    Two hours 
(lesson and ride

HARRY:  Bottled water, soft drinks and snacks at the end of the activity\nTwo hours (lesson and ride)


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Sorry for duplicating. It is already solved by Bruce Wilcox

Thanks Bruce!


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I’m actually seeing this again. It was working correctly in CS 8.0, but seems broken in 8.2.

In a console, running on Windows 10 64-bit, if that helps.



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