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How to disable Harry’s default knowldge?

Hello friends,

I am trying to create a new chatbot with CS, So I started to modify Harry’s 

, but it seems it has extra sentences to say out of that file! I mean it gives me some answers that there are not inside the

Then where are these extra knowledge and how can I disable them? I want my chatbot only say what there are inside my modified

Thanks in advanced!


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The HARRY folder also has files and And a folder QUIBBLE above HARRY.  Delete all those to expunge everything else.


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You may be referring to QUIBBLE replies. I’ve always used Harry with and you can see there where to remove it from the control file. It is the last ditch effort to make a response. There’s something to that effect in the comments. You could keep the data and just change the control file.


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Thank you very much!
But I have another question. What language is used to write `` ? Are there any introduction to it within the wiki files?


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ChatScript is the name of the language. It’s really quite flexible. You should get to know it before you start getting rid of things. You’d be doing yourself a favor to look at the documentation that is in the same download that contains the source and binaries for the chat engine.


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