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Chatbots don’t chat anymore… (Second Life)

Hello everybody,

Can anyone help us out with following difficulty we met with our chatbots?
We are quite active in the virtual game Second Life and as landowners our group has 22 bots out there.
We use the program PIKKUBOT to administer these bots.
Before the IM chat function worked nicely, giving our visitors direct or random replies, what was highly appreciated.
This chat function has now stopped working.
Problem is that it is impossible to contact Pikkubot: no answers on the support or chatline, forum doesn’t work as other customers experienced also, etc.
PIKKUBOT just keeps the bots working, and that’s it…

Is there something that can be done to restore the chat function of our bots? The technology used by Pikkubot is from Pandorabots. Is there a way to fix this?
We hope to find a solution thanks to the skilled people on this forum.
We use Windows 10, 64 bit version, and the last update of the Firestorm viewer for Second Life.

Thanks in advance to those who are willing to give us some advice in this matter.
Have a nice day!


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