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implied pattern

If I have this conversation :

bot : I like candies, what do you like ?
User : Chocolat

What can I do so that the answer is “tagged” with (I like) and therefore activate this rule ?

s: (I like)
I like that too!


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I dont really understand your question. But here is an attempt

t: I like candies, what do you like?
  a: (_*) I like ‘_0 too!


  [ # 2 ]

Thanks for your response Bruce.
I will be more precise.

We have plenty of rejoinders, topics… which ask the user what he likes.
So we want all of them to be processed by the same rule ILIKE.

For now, we use reuse to redirect to ILIKE rules.
Before reuse, we save variable with user liked

#! yes
  h: (~yesanswer) $like=_0 ^reuse(ILIKE)

u: ILIKE ($like)
  # put $like to nul to avoid to constantly fall here.
  $like = null
  [What do you like about $$like?]
  [How much do you love $$like?]
  [Is there anything you love more than $$like?]

  a: (_*)
    $like = _0

We though about using context instead but without success.
We are looking for a way to do that without variable, by “coding” or “tagging” that a question will imply a ILIKE label response.

Any better idea than what we did?
Less code is better.

Thanks in advance


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