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How to alter grammar?

I am working on reducing verbose statements (ECommerce) to simpler phrases using ChatScript’s POS tagger. For a statement like, “I want to order the items in my cart” the word “order” is being read as “adverb” instead of “verb”. While I understand why the system is doing that, this will prove to be a costly error in my case. I have gone through the o.txt in BASIC folder and tried changing things but in vain.

Is there any way to make the system recognize “order” as verb in such cases?

Note: I am using ChatScript’s POS tagger since I have found it to work the best among the other existing ones and since it is very customizable. Any other recommendations are welcome.


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the normal dict is not BASIC folder.

Aside from fixing the pos-tagger in the engine, one can “supplement” in a preprocessor topic.
You could do:

u: (to _order) ^unmark(~adverb _0) ^mark(~verb _0) ^retry(RULE)


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Thanks much for the reply. Supplementing sounds like a better option than fixing the pos-tagger in the engine.

Should the ‘preprocessor’ topic be placed in RAWDATA/HARRY/ as part of .top file? Or, is there a specific location that I should be storing it in?


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you put the topic whereever you want. It’s just that in the bot macro you tell cs the name of the topic, just as one does for the main control script or a postprocessing script


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