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Noob: Connecting to Chatscript server - web page

How do I get index.php to connect to the Chatscript server?

I am running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on a Pine64 ARM based single board computer.

I successfully installed LAMP webserver and I copied index.php from ChatScript/WEBINTERFACE/BETTER/ into /var/www/html/

I run Chatscript server:

ubuntu@pine64:~/ChatScript/BINARIES$ ./ChatScript
evcalled pid: 6761
  evserver: running pid: 6761
ChatScript EVSERVER Version 8.0 pid: 6761 64 bit LINUX compiled Jul 26 2018 01:08:59 host=local
WordNet: dict=200515 fact=85552 heap=13575888 Jan08’18-10:43:36
Build0:  dict=68204 fact=129729 heap=1151212 Compiled:Jan31’18-19:39:54 by version 8.0 “0”
Build1:  dict=145 fact=1 heap=332260 Compiled:Aug02’18-03:55:11 by version 8.0 “mine”

======== Began EV server pid 6761 8.0 compiled Jul 26 2018 01:08:59 on host local port 1024 at Thu Aug 02 18:37:37 2018 serverlog:1 userlog: 1

I open my browser from another machine on the network and goto: and the page loads, I can type in messagesbut there is no response back from the server


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You didnt mention copying ui.php and changing the web address in there.


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That worked! Thank you so much!


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