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strange interpretation

Here is a kind of a strange interpretation I get from CS.

When input is “make the timeout longer” CS interprets and assigns this to ~sexual_act concept or one of the sub concepts.

I’m having trouble understanding how to deal with this in a generic way.
At this point my intention is to have all the workplace inappropriate words being addressed by:

u: BAD_WORDS(~bad_words)  I’m pretty sure you didn’t mean to say this
u:([~sexual_part ~sexual_act]) ^reuse(BAD_WORDS)

“make the timeout longer” is definitely an appropriate expression in my context.
Anyone can help me with this?


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if you do :prepare on your sentence, you discover cs separated timeout into two words. This is because the word is not in its dictionary. You can make it have the word by doing something in your code like concept: ~keepword (timeout)

With the words separated, CS found “make out” as a phrasal verb, and make out is a sexual reference


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I will add it to its dictionary for the future


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Thanks Bruce,
I did :prepare but didn’t understand the response.
Guess the problem is, as usual, between the chair and the display. I didn’t know that timeout and make out are related in any way smile



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