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Artificial Conversation Entity

And the next page in our synonym project is Vic’s favorite: Artificial Conversational Entity (abbreviated ACE)

The term is not used very often, although it’s mentioned on this forum once in a while.

The term is also well-considered. It’s an entity, it’s something, not necessary ‘living’. It’s primary objective is to communicate, thus ‘conversational’ seems fine (although future ACE’s) will communicate non-verbal as well, and it is artificial, linking to AI and that it is not a robotised chat, something you can speak to, transscripts it and sends that. However, although good reasons to use the term, it’s still not used very often.

virtual agent
virtual assistant
conversational interface
virtual person
conversational avatar
3d human
embodied agent
virtual people
embodied conversational agent


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Just a bit off topic, but i’ve never cared for the terms “chatterbots”  or “chatterbox.”  The word “chatter” carries a negative connotation, it reminds me of babbling, or senseless conversation.  When governmental agencies that eavesdrop on conversations warn us of some upcoming terrorist plot in the works, they say it’s because there’s been a lot of “chatter” when they’ve listened in on communications.

I much prefer the term, “chatbots,” because chatting (not chattering) is what bots do.


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me too. Question is: how to convince the Wikipedia guys? Nowadays there are even two pages on Wikipedia:

actually the text on this page is about ‘chatbot’  but the title is still ‘chatterbot.


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The word “chatter” carries a negative connotation, it reminds me of babbling, or senseless conversation.

I also think ‘chatter’ sounds somewhat negative.


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