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Sharing the chatbot

Hi folks,

I am sort of new to CS but want to know if there is any way of activating a connection to the chatbot without making others open up chatscript and build a topic file? Spread either as an executable binary or connect with it somehow through the internet? An EXE might be suspected to be a virus or adware but some may be willing to try it. A net option would be better but as far as i can see, CS can get info from webpages but i see no way of making webpages get info from CS.



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A webpage can connect to chatscript. Checkout the folder “Webinterface” in the chatscript sources, there you have some examples of webpages written in php. In the documentation folder there is also a subfolder about client/server stuff and there is written how you can connect something to a running chatscript server.


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thanks Hendrik. Will check it out


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