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Hi! And please, could you give me some light?

Hi guys!
It`s my first post here and I am glad to find this forum! I am rather novice at chatbot and AI topic. I am sure someone here can help me, I just need to find him/her smile
I am working with IoT (NodeMCU) and many projects involving IoT and chatbots are of the kind ‘control your home lights with chatbot’...Well, I do not want to control anything at all, but I would like to have a conversational interface which uses real-time data from my input sensors. A chatbot who could change its response accordingly with the data provided (temperature, or UV for example).
Do someone here can help or say me the appropriate section where I can ask for this?
I want to thank you very much in advance!


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Welcome, Marcus!

That sounds like a really interesting project. Imagine a chatbot responding to room temperature or outside temps and reminding the User that it is pretty cold outside and to wear a heavy or well-insulated coat, or it’s going to rain so bring your umbrella, etc.

Aside from ordinary chatting ability being “in touch” with the real world outside would really bring to the point where one could put it on a mobile device sort of like the movie, HER.

Although I’m not much help to you I do want to wish you the best on your efforts!


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