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documentation links all broken


I have the doc links saved in chrome. None of them are working now.

I seem to remember that you have moved the code somewhere else, but I don’t remember where and I can’t find it in these archives.

Where is the current code and doc?
Could you do something to have Google locate the real code rather than the old github?

This is rather important to me because I am very close to getting ChatScript approved for use at my company. (Health Insurance within a national association) I have to be sure that the powers that be know that ChatScript is a viable long term solution. They really like that we won’t have to pay Amazon, Google, M$, or IBM for every chat message and that they won’t know our customers’ private information. But if they can’t Google ChatScript and get to the doc and etc. they may hesitate. I have a lot invested into this excellent tool.


Stephen Gissendaner.


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Chatscript moved to ChatScript/ChatScript on github a while ago.


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