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New Member - Question about the general requirements to use chatbots in businesses

Hello everyone,

I’m glad to be a new member of this community! Looking forward to the conversations with all of you. :)

Right now I’m in the middle of writing my bachelor thesis about the topic “Requirements for using Chatbots in employee care”. During this thesis, I want to elaborate which conditions need to be fulfilled for a chatbot so that it can handle the incoming questions of employees as well as all the administrative related tasks of HR like for example vacation request, notifications of sickness or collecting the necessary core data of the employee. While I checked the literature I could find regarding this topic, I managed to discover the following requirements:

- Filling the knowledge base with all the necessary information to answer questions
- Defining standard processes and use-cases (or rules) so that the chatbot knows how to work on requests
- Deciding of one standard as the foundation for the bot (AIML for example or Java or Python)
- Updating the bot based on the chat log (Except the bot is learning by itself)
- Depending on the incoming workload, the company would need big resources to process the amounts of data
- Include synonyms for ambiguous words
- Having an open-minded company culture for chatbots

Now I want to ask for your counsel: Do you think that there are more requirements for a company to successfully implement a chatbot in their employee care? Or do you think that some of the ones that I wrote down are not necessary/not possible?

I’d be thankful for every input. :)


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I would suggest you primry requirements are

Security. Can the bot securely process messages and provide an ability to authenticate a user
Extensibility. Can the bot access 3rd party systems. For HR this is likely to be systems like Peoplesoft
Grammar. Does the bit have sufficient grammar capable of making the experience a good one for a user
Hi I


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I just started building a: Human Resources Chatbot


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Welcome, Filmon!

Best of luck with your thesis.


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