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How could I activate RAWDATA\ONTOLOGY\GERMAN for ChatScript

I am building a German chatbot with cs. So one major task is to improve the ONTOLOGY\GERMAN\ files e.g. etc.

But I have trouble telling cs to use ONTOLOGY\GERMAN instead of ONTOLOGY\ENGLISH.
Invoking .\chatscript.exe language=GERMAN
or putting the line language=GERMAN in the file ChatScript\cs_init.txt will not work.

The result of :build 0… starts with

>:build 0
ChatScript Version 9.12  compiled Feb 20 2019 08
>>Reading folder RAWDATA/ONTOLOGY/
Reading file
Reading concept 
----Reading file

ONTOLOGY/GERMAN never occurs.

Any hints how to tell cs to use the GERMAN ONTOLOGY are appreciated


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Hello Thomas,

to use the German ontology folder you need to check/change your /RAWDATA/files0.text file. In the original version there should be something like:

# underlying vocabulary organization
# objects

Change the lines to just:

# underlying vocabulary organization


Try again building your bot with :build0 at the beginning and it should work now.


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Many Thanks Hermann,

I had overseen the hint in the CS User manual:
Things that you don’t expect to change often should be in files listed in
files0.txt and are rebuilt using :build 0. Things you are actively changing a lot should go
into files of files1.txt and get rebuilt with :build 1.


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