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Extending AIML using RDF

I found this paper about extending AIML knowledge using RDF (Resource Description Framework), but i cant found any way to implement it. Can anyone tell me is it really true we can implement RDF in our AIML file? And how to do it?


Paper (Extending Knowledge of AIML using RDF by Chun-Lu Cheng and Wen-Lian Hsu)


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Link to the article?


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Ohh i’m sorry, i forgot about that.

Here’s the link :


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Program-y has supported rdf since it’s inception and supports all aiml rdf tags

It ships with a bot call y-bot which contains over 2000 rdf entities



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Thanks Keith, i found it very helpful. But if you don’t mind, i have another question. I’m trying to install Program-Y in my computer (OS: Windows), and i’ve followed the requirement to install it in Windows operating system. But when i’m trying to install it, it keep send me an Error message. Do you know what happened?

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Try again downloading 3.8.3, seems to be a problem in the setup script



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If you are not using virtual env then use

Pip install —no-cache-dir programy


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Thank you Keith, it works like a charm


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