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“Introductions”  keeps running

My time with chatscript comes in fits and starts so I’m trying to update the build.

I was on version 8.6.

I updated to 8.8 and re-built, that’s fine.

Then I tried jumping to 10.5 and had problems and the same when I tried 9.8.

I’ll start a conversation, and then it will suddenly jump back to the introductions topic, as if I had just started - I’m talking about the “Welcome back” gambit.

This is with plenty of stuff in the “queue” so to speak.

Looking at the log, it seems that %input is, in fact, less than %userfirstline, but I’ve double-checked and nothing I’m doing is changing the value of input, so I’m completely confused.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues?


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Digging a little deeper, it seems that %userfirstline is getting incremented during the session, so the control script is constantly circling back.

I’m stuck, all I can do is revert to build 8.8 at this point.


  [ # 2 ]

I recall a similar issue about a year ago.

I ended up with something like this in my version of “”

u: ( !$inputadjust ) $inputadjust=1
u: LABELZ_1394 ( $inputadjust<%userfirstline) nofail(TOPIC ^respond(~introductions))


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Please let us know if you were able to close this one.

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Sophia: I’m outta here before he nips me with his pincers!


  [ # 4 ]

Apologies for the delay in responding.

That did the trick, thank you!


  [ # 5 ]

Did the trick for me as well - thank you. (Along with creating the VERIFY folder under ChatScript main folder.)


# on startup, do introduction.  It takes the user input which starts a new conversation and looks for a response in  ~introductions
# u: ( %input<%userfirstline) 
#  gambit(~introductions)
# fix for endless welcome from 
u: ( !$inputadjust $inputadjust=1
ALAN_1 $inputadjust<%userfirstlinenofail(TOPIC ^respond(~introductions)) 

then started ChatScript local
:build 0
:build Harry
Welcome to ChatScript!




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