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Looking for AI Chatboc API

I am looking for free AI Chatboc API service (or a web service).

I develope a program using C# and I get a text from a user, and I need to send an answer from the chatbot…

what is the best progeam I can get out there?


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The most popular currently in use are AIML based. There are plenty of services that offer web hosting for this type of bots.  You can also get the source and run the bot on your own site. Try looking for ‘Program o’, which is an open source implementation of the AIML interpreter.


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Hello, Megetron A, and welcome to the forums. smile

There’s a fairly comprehensive list of AIML interpreters at that you may be interested in looking at. I’m not certain if any of them will be of much use, since I don’t think that any are written in C# specifically. There are a couple that are in C++, and one called Program# that’s written using the .NET Framework, that you may find useful. Also, if you have your own web server and MySQL database, Program O might just work for you, if you’re familiar with PHP/MySQL.

I’d also like to respectfully suggest that both using your real name, and uploading an image of yourself will go a long way towards improving your experience here, as will filling out your user information page, so that we can get to know you a little better and learn which aspects of chatbots and AI you have interest in. The community here is filled with very friendly/helpful people, who are passionate about AI and chat bots, but we also like to know who we’re dealing with. Of course, none of this is a “requirement”, but it will help us to better know how best to help you with any questions you might have. smile


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ok thanks,
I have found 2 interperters : RebeccaAIML and program# which you already mentioned.

I have my own server, but I am not familiar much with bots.

can you please explain if there is a global AIML database which is maintain and available to download?

NOTE: Its important for me to say, that I dont need to bot on IRC, YAHOO, MSN and etc…
All I need is to call a web server (my oen web server or other service available on the internet) with a specific string, and return answer. for exampe; MyFunction(“Hi”); reurned value “Hi, How are you.”


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Guy El - Feb 24, 2011:

can you please explain if there is a global AIML database which is maintain and available to download?

The aiml set here is probably the most global and up to date:


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Another resource you may want to look into is the DIDO AIML Editor project. It’s currently in closed Beta testing, so you’ll have to submit an application to be considered for the project, but if your application is approved, you’ll be able to collaborate with others to create and edit various different AIML sets. The project has been languishing a bit in recent weeks, but maybe having a bit of “new blood” might be just what is needed to get the project up and going again. It couldn’t hurt to have a look. smile


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Hey Guy,
did you see this news item:



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Hi Guy,

I just finished building an ASP.NET 3.5 webservice for Program O version 1.x

Please read about it, and give it a test run, on the Program O support forum:,276.0.html

Program O version 2.0 is about to be released.

It’s brand new code, so I really appreciate your precious support and feedback.


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8pla, you and others may also wish to know that, with the upcoming release of Program O Ver. 2.0, there is a new forum at Please take the time to register, and post a brief introduction when you get a chance. smile Any support for the new version of Program O will be handled there.


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Thanks for the tip Dave…

In the phpBB tradition…

Being among the first members to register on the forum makes one a founding member!

This tradition becomes even more fun after hundreds or thousands of members join the forum.

Hurry everyone… There is a land grab going on over there.  Awesome!


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