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human mind map

Hi. I’m joining you from the virtual human forum. Thanks for the invitation. I’m here to offer those interested in artificial intelligence a look at the human mind map website, and to hear from those who would tear apart the ideas in it. (trial by fire!).
I am also coding an intelligent agent based on the human mind map. His name is Harry Workman.
I’ve looked at some of the discussions and find your ideas intelligent and stimulating.  You must be humans!


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Hi there, Toborman and welcome to! smile

You’re more than welcome to post a link to the HMM website, if you like. As long as you’re not selling origami slinkies, or timeshares in McMurdo Station, Antarctica, we’re ok. smile

I’d be interested in whether ot not Harry is available anywhere to interact yet, or what stage in it’s development it’s at. smile


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The mind map is at  Harry and the map are both available for download from the website.  Harry is pre-alpha and he has early onset alzheimer’s, but I’m working on a cure.


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@“Robot” spelled backwards man:

Just some friendly, polite, helpful, humorous criticism: 

I was eating breakfast while visiting your site, and
it hurt my eyes so bad, that I had to stab myself in the
thigh with a fork to block the pain of looking at that
default left justified margin. You desperately gotta center
that main content DIV in your layout.


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Thank you, my new friend, for your advice.

@“Robot” spelled backwards man:

Oh no, my secret identity has been compromised.  Now all my friends are in danger of reprisals from my enemies for my “intelligence” work.


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