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General question for dialogue systems

Hi all,
I am C programmer and I would like to make a text based dialogue system.
The problem is that I don’t know what I have to read , which open source program to use. :(

I would like to make a system that answers searching wiki.

I know that my question is too general but I think that you know to help me a little bit.

Thanks in advance


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Maybe the best way for you to start would be with ChatScript, partly because you are working in C, and partly because it is one of the most powerful chatbot engines currently available. There is a section of the forum on this website that is devoted to using ChatScript.

I am also working purely with C (using Common Lisp for rapid prototyping) to develop a general purpose natural language parsing and knowledge acquisition library.

I think Bruce Wilcox (the author of ChatScript) and Victor Shulist are working with C++

Most of the other programmers here are using Python, Java, Perl or PHP with AIML or something else that they’ve written themselves.


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Hi, Katarina(aa?), and welcome to! smile

Depending on both your experience level, and whether you want to work with AIML or not, there are a lot of options available to you. As my experience is pretty much with AIML and ChatScript, I’m only able to give suggestions along those lines, but perhaps someone else may be able to add some additional information that may prove useful.

For now, however, I recommend that you visit and look through the list. In particular, you may find Program N (now called AIMLPad), which is written by Gary Dubuque, who is one of our members, helpful. There are others on the list that are written in various flavors of C, that may be to your liking, too.

As for ChatScript, I believe that’s also written in C, and the download includes the source files, so you can customize it to fit your particular needs. You can find it available for download at


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Thanks a lot for your answers!


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