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Where can I report offensive comments?

I’d like to suggest a section where we might post recommendations about improvements to .

For example, I’ve been looking for a place to report offensive or unnecessary comments made regarding chatbots listed, such as the one below.


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One would hope that the moderators/administrators of the forum would check each comment as it was posted to the bot directory.


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For all but the forums, we’ve all kind of automated tools which move suspicious comments to a comment queue where we’ll check comments manually.

Then we’ll get e-mails to notify us on every comment that is posted immediately. However, as that’s manual and we don’t have a 24/7 scheme (yet), there might be a delay in the moderation.

And even then, some comments might simply slip our attention. But we’ll do everything we can within time and budget.

I like the idea of reporting offensive and unnecessary comments. We’ve just reorganizing the Admin forum board a bit and created a dedicated are:

Because this is our admin forum, it won’t be included in the daily digests.

For the forum moderation, we have awesome Dave


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I don’t know that I would go so far as “awesome”, but the compliment is appreciated, Erwin. Thanks.

As to the automated process that Erwin mentioned, I’m afraid that’s not something that I receive notifications about, so short of manually going through each and every article on a daily basis, there’s not much I can do about any new comments that might prove to be problematic. If you would like to add me to that particular “loop”, Erwin, I wouldn’t mind. It may be useful to have someone in this time zone to help cover things. smile


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Are you sure Dave? you’ll get even more e-mails grin


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I don’t mind at all. If it helps the community, I’m all for it. smile


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