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Writing your first facebook chat bot in PHP using Jaxl library

Found on Abhinav Singh:

Follow the steps to successfully run a facebook chat bot:
-Download Jaxl v 1.0.4 or checkout latest from trunk
-Edit the configuration file config.ini.php as follows:

$env "prod";
$key = array("prod"=>array("user"=>"facebook_username",

Run from command line:

abhinavsingh@abhinavsingh-desktop:/jaxlsudo php index.php
LinuxRegistering shutdown for SIGINT and SIGTERM
Enabled for CLI
Attempting DIGEST
-MD5 Authentication...
Starting Session...
Requesting Feature List...
Requesting Roster List...
Setting Status...

Try to send a message to your running chat bot and you shall receive a default message back from the bot saying ‘Hi, Thanks for your message’.


  [ # 1 ]

We’ve opened a special page in our directory dedicated to Facebook Chatbots:


  [ # 2 ]

Cool… I’m gonna have a look at this… wonder if it is easily converted to Hyves.

Have you ever noticed the bots on Twitter? There are a lot of bots overthere! If you place a tweet regarding coffee (or ‘koffie’ since it’s a Dutch bot), you often get a @reply about coffee by a Tweep called Berend_Botje


  [ # 3 ]

Twitter chatbots are interesting indeed and on our wishlist. Jetty has made a first attempt, and a few of them are added to EE with status ‘closed’.

Would you like to spend to time on it?

We might ask Marcus Endicott to assist us. Marcus is a real expert on Twitter bots.


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