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Chatbots 3.2 Conference - Philadelphia March 31, 2012
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@dave: love the T-shirts!!!!!!!!!


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I am looking forward to the videos. Hopefully someone will be recording the presentations?
I was hoping to get the green light to release the Slide Agent demo for the conference, however the company that the demo was created for is a very large corporation and the wheels of approval turn slowly.

I will be thinking of all you lucky people that will be attending.
Maybe next year.. wink


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@Erwin: Thank you, Sir. smile

I know I’ll be trying to tape the presentations, and I’m sure that others will be doing so as well. The conference is just over 9 hours from now, and I’m finding it hard to get to sleep. smile

(BTW, Laura, I’ve got a T-shirt for you, already. raspberry)


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That’s great Dave!

I am looking forward to hearing some of the awesome speakers that are scheduled,
And the tee shirts are VERY cool wink thanks!


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I have just returned from the conference and thought it was an amazing day. Some very thought provoking “theory side” presentations coupled with technical talks and demos made it an extremely interesting day and one that I didn’t want to end.

It was also great to be able to meet some of the other AI enthusiasts in person and talk to them face to face instead of posting messages or Skyping each other.

Long may the Chatbot 3.x conference continue.


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I’m still in Philly this morning, but flying out in the afternoon..  See my #Chatbots32 tweets (above link)..  (Note, I only tweeted about peeps already on Twitter..)  It was indeed amazing and gratifying to meet Dave, Steve, Richard, and others in person..  I’m already looking forward to the next opportunity..  ;^)


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Good to hear you enjoyed the conference!!!!! Look forward to read more in detail! grin


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I volunteered to edit all the video footage from the conference. I’ll post them as I complete them, but may take a while as its a lot of footage to go through.


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That’s very kind of you Robert. I don’t envy that task!


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Can’t wait to see them smile

Thanks Robert!


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Well, I’m finally back home from my week on the East Coast and the conference. I really got a lot from not only the conference itself, but also from meeting everyone there, and from the exchange of ideas and the camaraderie outside the conference. I plan on attending next year, if at all possible, and look forward to (possibly) having something to contribute, when Program O Ver. 2.0 becomes fully released. smile


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to look forward to see the video Robert!

@Dave: yeah, Chatbots 3.3 would definitely be a place to meet IRL.


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I’ve posted a brief Conference Report with links to the presentations we’ve collected so far.
Any speakers reading this: if your slides are not linked, please send them to me!


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Richard, mine comes up with a 404 file not found error.


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I’ve noticed the same thing, I’m afraid. downer

And no, I wasn’t purposely hiding in the photo. Had I known I was so hidden, I’d have moved over. raspberry Oh well. At least my hat is visible. smile


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