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ChatScript and reasoning

Can someone who had a closer look tell me if the ChatScript framework supports any kind of reasoning? It would be great if ChatScript could interact with ConceptNet or OpenCyc


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Hi, David, and welcome to

Bruce is the best person to answer this question, and I’m sure he’ll be along shortly. I just wanted to extend greetings for now.

I think that integration with either ConceptNet or OpenCyc would be great! I’m just not sure how challenging it would be to make it happen. That’s Bruce’s area, as well. smile


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First, this is wide open messy question. 

Second, ChatScript can represent and store data as triples. So it can represent any data. 

Third, it can perform graph searches on triples (micro-programmable) so it can do inference directly. So it does support reasoning… Eg Rosette used reasoning to correctly answer the Loebner qualifier question: Dave is older than Steve but Steve is older than Jane. Who is youngest, Steve or Jane?

Fourth, to connect to conceptnet or Cyc is completely undefined…. If you want to write an interface to talk to a cyc server, one can create such a program, invoke it as a system command from ChatScript (passing it tuples in a data file and receiving back tuples in a data file). That mechanism keeps everything clean. Any more direct integration is beyond my province.


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